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Whelping Service

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Thank you for your interest in my Whelping service. 
I am located in Denison, TX & serve the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Houston, San Antonio, and surrounding states. 
I provide my services with a 4 week minimum up to 8 weeks of age. 
(There are instances we can do shorter stays in times of emergency situations)
My weekly rate is 800 which includes all supplies, medications, oxygen, supplements, & food is also provided. We use Royal Canin mother and puppy starter mousse and typically Victor or ValuPak kibble. This provides excellent nutrients to ensure proper milk supply. If specialty food is preferred we welcome you to provide food directly based on your pets needs. 
Puppies will be under direct supervision & on 24/7 live video feed for when we are not with them. We feed every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks, every 3-4 hours weeks 3-4, and every 4-6 hours weeks 5-8. 
Vet checks, emergency care if needed, vaccines,(if care is provided past 6 weeks)are at the owners expense. 
We can arrive at your vets office with a pre-warmed incubator to transport puppies home from delivery for a flat fee if interested. 
Puppies will stay in the incubator for up to 2 weeks pending mothers maternal instinct, but no less than 96 hours prior to being placed with mom. 
All moms are required to be up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and have no previous form of aggression. They will be tested for giardia and parvo upon arrival. Parvo will not be tolerated and puppies will be returned to the owner immediately. 
Giardia will be treated with Panacur and Metronidazole at owners discretion. 
Plasma is also requested to be collected prior to sedation if possible but can be collected in my home as well. This decreases chances for fading puppy syndrome and CHV outbreaks. 
We also prefer not taking in a litter that has been taken home prior to being in my care unless it’s under emergency services. This is an attempt to keep outside contamination to a minimum. 
We also do not allow visitors inside of our home for the safety of my family and animals, although we welcome you to FaceTime. 
If there are any other questions you have feel free to ask. I will get back to you shortly. 
In the meantime feel free to check out some of our reviews on our Facebook Page 

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